Loungin’ Around

Eva and her little sister Isa, loungin' on the couch.
Eva and her little sister Isa, loungin’ on the couch.

We’ve always known Eva is large for a two-and-a-half year old, but you really get a sense of scale when you see her up against the newborn. Good thing Eva was potty trained a few months ago — I can’t imagine changing Isabel’s diapers and then switching to giant Eva all the time. In the past couple of days, Isa has gone out on a few adventures — she made her first visit to Costco yesterday, and today she went to her sister Eva’s swim lesson to pick her up. Once the girls were home I snapped this photo before Eva wanted to try and feed Isa. She lifted up her shirt to show that she has nipples, but we had to explain that only mom can feed Isa right now. We’ve also gotten to see Isabel’s lovely dimples:

Dimples out!
Dimples out!

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