Thanks, Oma!

Isa with sister Eva, Momma and Oma
Isa with sister Eva, Momma and Oma

Isabel’s grandma Jeannie, aka “Oma,” has been here in Seoul with us since Momma made Oma get on a flight as soon as contractions started. Oma amazingly made it to Seoul with just 20 minutes to spare before Isa’s birth, exactly two weeks ago today.

Since then, Oma has been bathing Isa, changing diapers, cooking delicious meals to keep the family fed, taking photos of Isa every day and generally being an awesome grandma. But Oma has to leave on Sunday and head back to Taipei for work. (Sad face.) Our neighbor September was kind enough to get a photo of the girls together to remember Isa’s first weeks with her Oma.

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