Sunday Funday

A view from above.
A view from above, a.k.a., Momma’s point of view.

Both Isabel and her sister Eva enjoyed an eventful weekend of playdates and outings. Isa rides in the Ergo carrier and just goes with the flow without fuss, so it makes it really easy to bring her along on adventures. In the photo above, Momma managed to snap a shot of both girls as took our building elevator Sunday on the way out.

The highlight of the weekend for Baby Isa was getting to meet and lunch with Momma’s old friend Andy. Uncle Andy and Momma met in Taipei in 2002, while both were studying abroad and having a good ol’ time. Now, Andy lives in L.A. and has two daughters of his own. But Andy and his Korean-American wife, Joohee, were visiting Seoul without their kids for the first time. Both of them loved getting to snuggle little Isa — in fact, Miss Joohee loved Isa so much that she said she was thinking about having a third baby.

Joohee, Andy, Isa and Momma outside a Korean restaurant on Sunday.
Joohee, Andy, Isa and Momma outside a Korean restaurant on Sunday.

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