Four Months

Please don't make me get shots, mom and dad...
Please don’t make me get shots, mom and dad…

Isabel’s four month shots and check-up coincided with her first ever cold, which she probably caught cause momma kept coughing and sneezing on her during mom’s bout with bronchitis. The pediatrician wasn’t concerned since Isa does not have a fever, but she’s making little baby coughs in the morning after her feeds and they are so cute but also heartbreaking. Isa got three shots at her appointment and got her weigh-in. She’s 7.1kg, which is only 75th percentile for weight. Her length though is off the charts. Then she came home and hung out with mom at work, which is where Isa often gets her meals so that momma can nurse and work at the same time.

In the office with mom.
In the office with mom.

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