Winter Cold

Isa weighs in at 7.2 kg.
Isa weighs in at 7.2 kg.

Poor Baby Isa! She’s been coughing and sneezing for the last couple of weeks, probably because I (Momma) was coughing all over her when I was out with bronchitis. Since it’s lasted longer than I have liked and the sound of baby coughing is just heartbreaking, I took her to the International Clinic at our nearby hospital this week. The doctor says she probably has an upper respiratory infection like Mom had. But since Isa’s eating well, playing well and gaining weight well, she’s not too worried about it. Isa is now on a cough medication that comes in a little plastic packet of powder, which sort of looks like a dime bag of cocaine. She takes her meds without any fuss. Pretty sure it’s not cocaine, but who knows, everything’s in Korean.

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