Happy First Birthday, Isa

Since we are in Korea, we had to do it Korean style! The girls got in Korean hanbok dresses and we hosted 10 kids and even more adults, plus a dog for Isa’s birthday brunch at our home in Seoul. My friend and neighbor September came and took some pics, though I’ll put up more tomorrow.

The tradition here is that for a baby’s first birthday, there’s a Korean traditional ceremony called the doljabi.  You put a items in front of the child that represent occupations and let the child pick one.  The item he or she chooses first is said to be closely connected to the child’s future.

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On Isa’s destiny table, she got choices of string (to represent long life), a stethoscope, a gavel, an airplane, a computer mouse, a pencil, money or a microphone. She didn’t even hesitate and went for a MICROPHONE, which aligns with momma’s profession in broadcast journalism! Her second choice was a gavel. Will she be a law and justice beat reporter?

2 thoughts on “Happy First Birthday, Isa

  1. Those Korean outfits are beautiful on your girls. Miss you guys.

    As for what the microphone represents, I disagree with you that it’s for journalism. I vote for K-pop star! She got the perfect hair for it.

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