Push and Pull Toys

Draggin' a toy dog on a leash 'round and 'round.
Draggin’ a toy dog on a leash ’round and ’round.

At sixteen months, Isabel is waaaaay into pushing and pulling toys. She has a toddler-sized shopping cart, baby stroller, and a separate shopping cart at home which she fills and pushes around each day. But when we were at the Lilliput Kid Cafe on Saturday, she discovered she could pull a toy dog on a leash and went crazy for it. I could barely keep up with her zooming around the whole joint with her doggy.

I read that using a pull toy is more complicated than push toys because these are behind her, and she has to check back on it and make sure she doesn’t crash herself or it into anything. She loved the challenge and avoided bumps. Did great. Made me sad our beloved dog, Saidee, died last year and Isa didn’t get to know her like her sister did.

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