Three Year Old Checkup

Isa’s new pediatrician, Dr Marcie
Blood pressure is all good!

Isa was such an excellent patient at her three year old checkup today at her new pediatrician’s practice in Santa Monica. Dr. Marcie praised Isa for sharing so much with her about her lack of allergies and eating carrots and broccoli. Isa also told the doctor she wants her ears pierced and that her toy doctor kit “is in the moving truck.”

The doctor couldn’t see one of her eardrums due to a chunk of wax so Isa amazingly sat still while the doc dug into her ear to dislodge the gunk, which was … impressive.

At 36 pounds and 40 inches (101 cm), Isa is in the 88th percentile for her weight and 97th percentile for height. She got no shots and the doctor said she’s very healthy! She also recommended pediatric dentists in the area so Isa can go to her first dentist appointment soon. Great job, Isa!

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