First Day of Kindergarten, Delayed

A lot of nerves this morning. We are so impressed by this brave girl!

Isa finally started kindergarten today, months after COVID forced unprecedented changes in how students learn. She and the other kids faced a major transition with such grace and openness. She told us she was scared and we said we were too, it’s totally expected to feel this way. But the school and teachers did a great job warmly welcoming the kids amid so many safety protocols. The kids and teachers only know each other from screens, so Isa was really surprised to see her teacher Zhang laoshi with such a big pregnant belly, for example. She was also fascinated by how much food they get from school —- free lunch and snacks galore. So by the time baba picked her up, she was all smiles and sharing all the details of her big day.

All smiles after school, with snacks

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